About Us

Mission statement

Our main goal or mission is to keep your child safe while you're at work. The goal is to provide a fun rewarding experience that will help build your child’s confidence and self esteem. We will provide your child with a balanced schedule of exciting activities that nurture the mind, body and spirit.

Telephone Contact

973-838-0027 Kinnelon/Butler during school year

973-335-4557 Main Office

973-335-4557 Parsippany during summer months

973-838-0027 Pequannock during summer months

The Children’s Afterschool Center has absolutely no religious ties or affiliations with any of our program sites where we provide quality child care. We are tenants of each building and maintain a loyal co-existing relationship which each other.


The Children’s Center offers a well-trained team of qualified child care providers who regard your child’s safety and well-being as their highest priority. Our staff is committed to help your child grow and develop in every area. They strive to ensure that your child is happy each and every day. The staff-to-child ratio is small so that they can provide many opportunities for individual attention. We believe consistency is important in modeling positive behavior. The children are encouraged to explore and move about at their own pace. Our staff is trained in first aid.

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