Before School

The Children’s Afterschool Center began in September, 1983. Our goal was to provide a safe and caring atmosphere for children while their parents were at work. The Children’s Afterschool Center is an owner-operated program that hasn’t grown too big and hasn’t forgotten that all children still need a safe and caring atmosphere. We always engage children in multiple and diverse activities.

We offer before and after school care for Kinnelon, Pequannock, and Butler school-aged children. We are a state-licensed care program that has cared for school aged children for 30 years.

  • Transportation provided to and from school in NJ State-inspected school vehicles
  • Homework Hour
  • Healthy snacks provided
  • Transportation to local after school
  • CCD class
  • Extended hours till 6:15pm


Our Kinnelon site hosts both a before and after school program. This location is at St. David’s Church, 91 Kinnelon Road, Kinnelon, NJ. The daily program opens at 7:15am. We provide early morning care which includes a quality program that watches and cares for your child early so that they may arrive to school relaxed. Breakfast may be brought in daily.

In the afternoon hours, we follow a calendar which offers many hours of age-appropriate curriculum to engage your child’s interests. We maintain a recreational atmosphere which is safe, vibrant, and playful. Children are a given a choice of a healthy snack each day and are encouraged to start homework time, then join in the afternoon activity. Parents may pick up their children by 6:15pm. We incorporate nature, dance, sports, free time, games, drama, art, music, community involvement, and other interesting and fun activities. In the event of inclement weather and schools close early, we are open for you so that you may continue to work without interruption. We close at 5:00 on such days. If school is closed all day due to poor weather conditions, we are also closed. Please have alternative child care pre-arranged.


We offer a before school program at Hillview School in Pequannock, NJ. Drop off time is 7:15am.  Children encouraged to play in a structured fashion with table games and varied activities so that when school begins they are relaxed. They may bring breakfast and enjoy a calm meal. Transportation is provided to North Boulevard School as well as Steven J. Grace.  The 2010-2011 fee for this service is $110.00 per month. Daily drop off is also welcomed.

Who Is Admitted

Registration is open to all elementary school children. You have access to our schedule at registration and it is posted on-site for your viewing anytime. The Children’s Afterschool Center closes at 6:15pm. Please contact the director more information about late pick-up.


We are licensed by D.Y.F.S. as well as local licenses. Before enrolling, you must receive and sign for the following statements.

  • Information to Parents
  • Discipline Policy
  • Expulsion Policy
  • Policy on the Release of Children
  • Policy of the Management of Communicable Diseases
  • Excludable Communicable Diseases
  • Application for Child Enrollment
  • Medical Declaration Statement

Enrollment Application

Download the enrollment application.

You can fill in the fields and save your information in the PDF.

You must print the form, sign it where required, initial it where required, and mail it to us.

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